Our People, Our Values, Our Strength

The values we share create a core strength we take pride in—a strength that guides us to be the best for each other and for our customers. What makes us strong is…

Ownership Mentality

…How We Think. We are all personally invested in the success of this company, dedicating all we do to the company’s best interest. Focusing on long-term successes rather than short-term wins empowers us to take risks, make bold decisions, try, fail, and get right up and back at it again.

Team Players

…How We Work. Our talented and motivated employees are our greatest resource. We’re all easy-going and approachable. By coming together with a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect, we create more as a group than we ever could working independent of one another.


…How We Deal. From our ethical business practices to our honest communication, we do everything with integrity. We don’t do drama. We don’t do nonsense, lies, or exaggeration. When we say we’re going to do something, we do it.

Customer Centered

…How We Decide. At every level of communication with our customers, we want them to know that their health and well-being are central to every decision we make. We care about what you have to say. We are committed to total customer satisfaction and welcome all constructive feedback.

Problem Solvers

…How We Progress. With knowledge and persistence, we follow through on every detail to get our work done and get it done right. If we exhaust our resources, we seek out expert help, leaving no stone unturned. We see every single obstacle as a new opportunity for improvement and growth.

That is what we stand for.
This is who we are…
This team stands together, united by a shared desire to help customers discover a new world through healthy living
Who Started It?
Our founder created this company with a mission to promote natural health solutions for all
Steve Gray
Steve's job is to dream - To imagine a future where Primal Labs™ has become everything it is capable of being. Then to create a plan with the team that ends with the realization of that vision. And finally to support the team with the resources, motivation, and encouragement needed so they can make magic happen.
Who Leads Us?
Our leadership drives us to reach our goals using their best resources and brightest ideas
  • Nick Stephens
    VP of Marketing
    Nick attended the University of Miami in Miami, FL where he studied Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on the Music Business and Entertainment Industry. After graduation, Nick discovered a love for online marketing after running several successful e-commerce stores. Nick also enjoys playing the guitar, recording/producing music, and traveling.
  • John Clark
    Chief Operating Officer
    John has been a member of the Primal team since 2016. He has over 25 years of operations experience and enjoys every aspect of it. John specializes in Information Technology, Customer Service/Call Center and Warehouse
  • Diane Cruz
    VP of Advertising
    Diane creates and manages digital advertising campaigns that drive new customer acquisition and ensures that media buys are effective and profitable. She loves creating strategic advertising plans and ads that connect people with Primal Labs™ natural solutions to improve their health.
  • Richard Owens
    Chief Financial Officer
    A member of the Primal Labs™ team since 2015, Richard has an extensive background in finance and accounting, which include large and small companies alike. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf, home improvement and spending time with his son.
Who Has Our Back?
Our Account Management, Regulatory, and Finance teams manage the technicalities and keep us safe and grounded
  • David Hustead - Staff Accountant
    David manages the finer details of the accounting department—tracking charges, processing paperwork, gathering marketing data, and maintaining all of our files. As a detail-oriented individual, he genuinely appreciates the opportunity to pursue perfection at Primal Labs™, interacting with all departments to ensure our continued excellence.
  • Hayley Hustead - Assistant Controller
  • Judi Schaefer - Regulatory Specialist
  • Yvette Kovalcik - Nutritional Account Manager
Who Are You Speaking With?
Our Customer Support team keeps our message moving and actively listens to your concerns
  • Ceara Gomez - Customer Support Representative
  • Dean Berry - Customer Support Representative
  • Jason Evans - Customer Support Representative
  • Marlon Moseley - Customer Support Representative
  • Chylsea McKown - Customer Support Representative
  • Salvador McCaffrey - Customer Support Manager
  • Antoine Holden - Customer Support Representative (Not Pictured)
  • Atutu Jibril-Ellams - Customer Support Representative (Not Pictured)
  • Russell Ott - Customer Support Representative (Not Pictured)
Who Ships It Out?
Our Fulfillment team ensures the safe and prompt delivery of your best health solutions
  • Joe Thomas - Fulfillment Assistant
    I enjoy working at Primal Lab™. It enables me to help a lot of people and get them the natural solutions they need. Outside of the fulfillment center, I enjoy spending time with family, playing golf, as well as attending and watching sporting events.
  • Shanker Rao - Fulfillment Assistant
  • Sondra Rudnick - Fulfillment Assistant
    I enjoy my employment at Primal Labs™, knowing that the products I package are on their way to helping someone choose a healthier way of life. The people are also great. When I’m away from work, I enjoy spending time with family, working out, and listening to music.
  • Joel Lomas - Warehouse Manager
    Here at Primal Labs™ I enjoy completing my job daily, the fun company atmosphere, awesome co-workers, and the great things we’re doing. Away from work I enjoy being with my beautiful wife and adorable son, volunteering, dining out with family and friends, Dallas Cowboys, and documentaries.