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Finally, the facts are coming out…

Four of the best-selling categories of blood pressure medications have side effects that may cause serious bodily harm…

Users have reported getting dizzy, fatigued, faint, and sick. In some cases, they've even died*.

Even setting these alarming side effects aside, users need to consider the purpose of these drugs is to artificially lower blood pressure, not to correct the underlying problems that cause hypertension.

They are not a cure. Just a patch job. So, the problem goes on... and users become dependent on the drugs just to get by. And that may be dangerous.

So, here's what I think we can do about this...

First, I want you to have the names of these potentially harmful categories of drugs, and let me tell you, they include the biggest ones.

Second, I'm going to share a safe, natural solution that has shown it may actually correct the underlying cause of hypertension. That way, your pressure may go down, naturally, not artificially. And stay down in a normal range without the use of drugs.

Third, I want you to know what may really cause heart disease and its related hypertension. It's probably NOT what you’ve been led to believe, but the good news is that you may find it easy to reverse*.

Hello, I'm Dr. Marlene Merritt

At my Wellness Clinic in Austin Texas, I’ve helped hundreds of patients resolve their hypertension and get off antihypertensive drugs.

Thousands more have discovered my natural blood pressure solution online, as you are today.

In fact, before we go to the 4 commonly prescribed drug categories, I’d like you to hear from Dan Collins. He's a retired railway engineer who, despite taking four antihypertensive drugs, saw his blood pressure soar to a scary 200 over 100.

Most doctors would’ve told Dan to call 911.

Dan did something else -- he prayed. And then he found my natural blood pressure solution online. I’ll let him tell you what happened next…

I couldn’t believe it...

...In one week, I went from 200 over 100, to 110 over 71. It was a wonderful feeling, but I didn’t tell my wife right away, and she screamed when she saw my meds in the trash. She feared I would have a stroke. But then I showed her the 110 over 71 on the monitor and she was all smiles.* (Individual Results Vary)

— Dan C. Shreveport, LA

Also listen to Jonathan Miller, who took blood pressure medications for 20 years before discovering my natural blood pressure solution…

I've never seen anything like this!

This morning my blood pressure was 119/68 with a heart rate of 55. I had to stop taking my medications in a couple of days of starting the program because my blood pressure was too low. I've never seen anything like this. It’s a miracle.* (Individual Results Vary)

— Jonathan M. Tucson, AZ

I wanted you to hear these success stories, so you’d know there’s an alternative to drugs -- a natural solution that may be very effective for you.

But before I tell you all about it, let’s look at the 4 drug categories that may be dangerous. You may be taking one of them now and are anxious to make a change.

My #1 Rated Worst Blood Pressure drug category is Ace Inhibitors!

Ace inhibitors are sold under both branded names and generics. And have racked up 406,180 complaints to the FDA in under 10 years*.

Side effects may causenausea, vomiting, fainting, kidney failure, and even heart attacks – the very thing the drug is supposed to prevent.

ACE inhibitor drugs block the enzyme that constricts your blood vessels as part of the natural regulation of your blood chemistry and pressure*.

The problem is you’re interfering with an important natural process, and doing so can have unintended consequences.

When Ace Inhibitors work too well, they may cause a rapid loss of blood pressure that makes you swoon with dizziness and even pass out*.

When ACE inhibitors work too well, derive from the venom of the Brazilian Pit Viper, which causes a rapid loss of blood pressure, literally knocking its prey out.1

That’s because ACE inhibitors mimic the venom of the poisonous Brazilian Pit Viper, which causes a rapid loss of blood pressure, literally knocking its prey out*.

If you pass out, you could fall and break a hip, or a knee... even fracture your skull. And that could land you in a rehab care facility.

Some people never get out of those places.

And even if you don’t feel weak or dizzy from Ace Inhibitors, you could develop a bad cough… which may not clear up for months after stopping the drug.

That’s because these drugs don’t magically do their job and disappear. Your kidneys have to break them down and eliminate their toxic byproducts.

Ace Inhibitors make a byproduct called “kinnins.” And many people have trouble clearing kinnins.

If they settle in your lungs, the only way to expel them is to hack them up. Users have coughed so hard they’ve vomited, passed out, and even cracked ribs*. Fractured ribs from a chronic cough is particularly a problem among women.2

Is there a better solution? One that fixes the problem and ends the need for these body-harming drugs? I believe there is, and I’ve seen evidence firsthand from my own patients who've followed my natural blood pressure solution.

I’ll show you this solution in one minute. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to do. But first, let’s briefly look at…

My #2 Worst Drug Category – Beta Blockers

Beta Blockers are sold mostly under various generic names and some major branded names.

Some users have complained that the generic version of a brand name drug they took for years didn't work. It was as if they weren't taking anything.3

FDA Says

An approved generic drug is just as good as the brand, but that may not always be the case.

Generic Drugs

They are commonly manufactured outside the U.S. – India is one such place – and the oversight can be more lax4 than in the US.

Tiny Changes

They can creep into the manufacturing process, or are deliberately made to save money, and that’s where things can go wrong.

But even brands can be a problem, too.

You see, “beta blockers” are a class of blood pressure drugs that inhibits your “fight or flight” hormone -- adrenaline.

While less adrenaline will bring your heart rate and blood pressure down, do you really want to mess around with this important hormone?

By inhibiting the natural adrenaline flow, you can’t be sure you’ll get enough when you really need it. For instance, when you're trying to avoid a fall… or in a car when you need to quickly change lanes… or to deal with a minor emergency at home or work.

And that's not the only problem...

The Mayo Clinic cites fatigue, cold hands and feet, and weight gain, as well as shortness of breath, trouble sleeping and depression as possible side effects.5

Beta Blockers may even raise your triglycerides, adding to the risk of heart disease.

That’s why I want to show you how you may be able to resolve your hypertension -- actually correct the root cause of the problem -- not just treat it with these harsh drugs.

In a minute, I’ll tell you about the potential dangers of two more blood pressure drugs, the Calcium Channel Blockers and Diuretics. But first, let me ask…

Do you really want to pile on the drugs?

And cope with all these potential side effects?

Many doctors never take the drugs they prescribe. Which is why some can be oblivious to the consequences.

They learn in medical school to prescribe this drug for that problem. And if that drug doesn’t work, they’ve been taught to try a different drug, or to add another drug or two.

You’re like a guinea pig with these drug combinations until the doctor sees the numbers he likes. Two drugs, three drugs, maybe even 4 or 5 drugs, as you learned Dan and Jonathan were taking.

And yet, hypertension is not caused by a lack of drugs. There’s a reason you have it, and in many cases that underlying problem may be corrected*.

That’s what I’m going to show you today – how you may be able to actually fix your blood pressure problem at its core, which may enable you to get off these drugs and feel good again*.

I’m sure your doctor will be happy to see you off the anti-hypertensive drugs, if you can get your blood pressure down and keep it down.

And that's important because hypertension is a silent killer

…a ticking time bomb that could explode at any moment.

Every day, it pounds away inside your arteries, putting ever increasing pressure on the calcified plaque that may have built up inside your arteries.

And make no mistake -- most people have some arterial plaque, and in just a moment I’m going to show you what may actually cause it.

I can tell you it’s not animal fat or cholesterol, as you may have been falsely led to believe. But something else that’s very common… something you’ll want to stop doing right away…

But first, I want you to know that your arteries don’t need to be fully clogged, or even half clogged. Just some plaque in your arteries can become unstable and dangerous.

You see, under constant pressure, a piece of unstable plaque may break off and race downstream…

And if a big piece of plaque lodges in one of the main arteries feeding your heart, it may trigger a massive heart attack. And, tragically, for many people the first heart attack is the last one… because it kills.

A chunk of plaque may also travel to one of your carotid arteries, blocking life-giving oxygen to your brain. That’s a stroke.

Many people never recover from a stroke. With brain damage, their lives are diminished… and even ruined.

I want to make sure that never happens. So, let’s fix the problem with my natural blood pressure solution. I know it can be done.

Listen to what one of my patients, Joe W, has to say about that…

My high blood pressure plummeted

The program Dr Merritt put me on resulted in a miracle. My high blood pressure plummeted. I was taking 4 Blood Pressure pills and am now down to 1/2 pill. Also cholesterol down about 30 points with no statin drugs.* (Individual Results Vary)

— Joe W. Kansas City, MO

My goal is to get Joe off that last ½ pill. I’m confident we can. And that’s because my training is in natural medicine…

I’m licensed as a doctor of Oriental Medicine both by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners and the New Mexico Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

I also have a Master’s degree in Nutrition. So, I know what your body needs for good health.

This is a very different approach than Western medicine, which puts the emphasis on drug therapy.

And don’t get me wrong… I know some drugs are truly valuable, such as antibiotics that kill dangerous infections, and emergency room drugs that save lives.

But most drugs don’t cure anything. They just treat symptoms. And, to be honest, they’ve been designed that way, as cures for diseases are really hard to come by.

Think about it… what’s better for drug company profits? A drug you take for two weeks that brings about a cure? Or one you take for life that just treats symptoms of the problem?

If you have hypertension, Western medicine says you have to take drugs for life. And that’s because the drugs never fix the underlying problem of hypertension.... they just treat the ongoing symptom: high blood pressure.

To me, that’s wrong. I say, let’s fix it -- actually resolve the underlying cause of hypertension. So, here’s my…

Natural Blood Pressure Solution

It’s as simple as doing a few things that will bring your blood pressure down, while stopping a few things that have been pushing your blood pressure up.

It’s really the combination of these two actions that makes it work so well. So I'm going to show you several things in both categories that you can get started doing today.

My solution includes dozens of tips and techniques from the latest research from around the world, along with a simple program I’ve developed for my patients at the Merritt Wellness Clinic in Austin, Texas.

Thousands more have been helped by my book, The Blood Pressure Solution. Many of the solutions we'll be covering today are taken from my book.

Here's a sampling...

  • The 7 blood pressure levers, and how to positively impact each one, to bring your pressure down.

    Why the American Heart Association may HAVE IT ALL WRONG ON SALT and how some people may be able to enjoy salt again, as long as it’s the right kind (hint – not the one in the dark blue canister, nor any salt substitute)!*

  • The delicious beverage that in a double-blind study lowered blood pressure a combined 12 points!6

  • My tasty “Butter Shortcut” trick that simplifies what foods to eat (bacon passes this test with flying colors – but so-called “healthy breakfasts” like Muesli flunk out cold).

  • Why the DASH Diet is “Dead On Arrival.” It’s not just tasteless and impossible for most people to maintain… but may leave your body no choice but to pile on the fat!*

  • A simple stress-lowering technique that may quickly lower your blood pressure – it’s so easy you can do it even while waiting in traffic*.

  • 5 FAST exercises you can do at home without any equipment. No grueling or tedious workouts. You may get all the health benefits you need in just minutes per week*.

  • I’m also going to throw open the doors of “Mother Nature’s Pharmacy” … telling you about dozens of tasty foods and refreshing beverages that can help knock your pressure down fast*.

For example… the Chinese “Dragon tea” that showed stunning results on a group of men who smoke, drank too much, were overweight, and even ate junk food!7*

When they drank this tea every day they had healthier blood pressure than anyone else in the study, including those who deprived themselves with tasteless diets!7

And here’s something else you’ll appreciate…

My Blood Pressure Solution isn’t just designed to help you get your numbers in check. You’ll may be surprised to see the pounds melt away… so that you gain new energy, and also get relief from stiff, aching joints*.

That’s because my recommendations work synergistically to promote good health throughout your body.

That’s what Fernando, from Dallas, Texas discovered … Fernando is practically a “neighbor” to us, so when he dropped by our office to thank us for this great solution, we got him on tape...

They don’t just help your blood pressure.

They help your joints, they help your skin, they help your mood, they help your energy… improve your sleep.* (Individual Results Vary)

— Fernando G. Dallas, TX

I’m confident many of you may want results like this, too. So, let me show you how to use the Blood Pressure Solution…

Here are some delicious foods to eat

One of my most popular recommendations for restoring healthy blood pressure is eating fat. This includes meat and dairy fat, as well as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Do you like cheeses? Nuts? Real butter? Avocados? How about a juicy steak?

All of these foods are healthy foods that don’t have a history of raising your blood pressure when consumed in reasonable quantities. And when you eat real food with their full fats, studies have shown you are less likely to gain weight because you’ll feel more full and satisfied, and won't be plagued by cravings.8

I do recommend, however, that you avoid foods labeled “low fat” or “heart healthy.” These foods typically have harmful ingredients that may actually raise your blood pressure.

That’s where the DASH diet goes wrong. It recommends low-fat foods and carbs. But as you’ll see in a moment, fat isn’t the problem – sugar is! And most low-fat foods have too much sugar.

Are you surprised? Most people are.

The hidden disease-makers in American foods

Let me take a moment to show you what went wrong in our food supply, which helps to explain why we have a big problem with high blood pressure in this country.

The problem started decades ago when the influential Dr. Ancel Keys presented his thesis connecting dietary animal fat to heart disease at the World Health Organization Conference in Geneva.

Keys had studied the diets of 22 countries but for his presentation – and to make his thesis stronger -- he cherry-picked 7 countries… which were really six if you combined England and Wales.

Keys showed that Japan and Italy had low animal fat consumption and low rates of heart disease. While Australia, Canada, England and the U.S. had high animal fat consumption and higher rates of heart disease.

It was too easy. And nobody should have drawn conclusions. Other data from Keys study showed just the opposite. But Keys’ 7-country study, which he put into a simplistic chart -- raced around world.

Keys made the cover of TIME magazine and his theory that animal fat – and the cholesterol in it – causes heart disease gained traction.

Today, many experts believe that Keys' theory was wrong. But the unfortunate part is that the events that followed his presentation may have made the incidence of disease much worse.

Here's why...

In 1977, a committee headed by U.S. Senator George McGovern -- after holding hearings on our national diet -- issued a set of new guidelines designed to reduce dietary animal fat and, hopefully, heart disease.

But, as you'll see, these foods were not healthy.

Here's what may be the real source of hypertension

Let's look at the facts...

Animal fat is flavorful, while vegetable fat is not. So, to make up for the lost flavor, food manufacturers added refined sugars and salts, and also chemical flavor enhancers.

That turned out to be a bad idea. Because the combination of processed vegetable fat and sugar triggers a chemical reaction inside your body that causes inflammation and oxidation -- the twin drivers of disease.9

The unfortunate result was that this change in our food supply may have dramatically increased the rates of heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, diabetes, and even cancer and Alzheimer’s.10*

Do you remember McDonald’s French fries from three or four decades ago? Sure. They were really tasty. And that’s because they were fried in beef tallow.

But because of the new dietary guidelines to reduce animal fat, McDonald’s gradually phased out the beef tallow and replaced it with processed vegetable oil, which they’ve used since 1990.11

Okay, now stick with me… because this next part is pretty shocking…

After Keys named animal fat and cholesterol as the cause of heart disease, pharmaceutical companies developed cholesterol-lowering statin drugs…

Sure, statin drugs lowered cholesterol, but the culprit was never cholesterol. It was inflammation.

Unfortunately, the flawed cholesterol theory of heart disease got into our medical schools, where drug companies hold great sway, and a whole generation of doctors learned it. And then these doctors became the teachers for the next generation.

You could call it a comedy of errors, except it was no laughing matter. Statin drugs can damage muscles, and even weaken your heart12 because they block an essential heart nutrient called Coenzyme Q-10.*

Today we know better…

Enlightened doctors and medical scientists tell us animal fats and cholesterol are not the cause of heart disease, but rather inflammation-causing ingredients in processed foods are.

Both the Wall Street Journal and TIME Magazine have reported on this.13

Finally, our government caught up with the truth, when they stated in their 2015 Dietary Guidelines that “Cholesterol is not considered a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.”14

That’s right. You can’t get too much cholesterol.

You need cholesterol for cellular health… for the proper functioning of your neurotransmitters… for bone health… and to make bile for digestion.

In fact, cholesterol is so important to your good health that several studies have shown that people who have low cholesterol die sooner than people with high cholesterol.15

And, recently, a new national study led by UCLA cardiology professor, Dr. Gregg Fonarow, found that 75% of heart attack victims had normal or optimal cholesterol Levels, according to accepted guidelines.16

Okay. So the problem is not cholesterol. And it's not animal fat. So what, then, causes the arterial plaque called heart disease?

Again, the culprits are refined vegetable fats, sugars, salts and chemicals – the ingredients in thousands of modern processed foods*.

And that's because these ingredients cause the oxidation of cholesterol particles, making them small, dense, and sticky.

This is one of the most important things you'll learn today...

The making of arterial plaque

When the cholesterol particles become small, dense and sticky, they can easily embed in the linings of your arteries…

That triggers an inflammatory immune response that starts the plaque-making process. Basically, your body is trying to heal tiny arterial wounds by making scabs.

But a scab inside your arteries is a rough patch, which attracts more small dense cholesterol particles that embed, thus triggering more inflammation.17 And in this way the plaque builds up like a snowdrift.

The result is your arteries narrow and your blood pressure rises. That's hypertension… and it also raises your risk for heart attack and stroke.

But here’s the important thing to know…

  • It doesn’t really matter whether you have high or low cholesterol. What matters is the health of your cholesterol particles.

  • Are they large and buoyant, traveling smoothly through your arteries? Or are they oxidized, small, dense and sticky?

  • Only the unhealthy small, dense, sticky ones embed in the lining of the arteries and trigger the plaque-making process.

Large healthy cholesterol particles flow smoothly. And in my blood pressure solution today I'm showing you how to get healthy cholesterol particles, thus resolving the underlying problem.

The sad part is this mistake set in motion by Dr. Keys… and then made worse by do-gooders in our government… may have led to more people getting arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer’s-Dementia.18

But since we can’t do anything about past mistakes, let’s move forward and solve the problem … naturally.

Here’s how to get your blood pressure down and improve your overall health, too.

To prevent arterial inflammation, cell oxidation, and small, dense and sticky cholesterol particles...

Avoid foods with refined vegetable fats, sugars, salts and chemical flavor enhancers.

Also avoid fast foods, especially those fried in processed vegetable oil, which is highly inflammatory and may start the disease-making process.

Instead, eat delicious foods like real butter, all kinds of fresh meats, and also whole-fat dairy products that are low in sugar.

Yes, you can enjoy steak, and cheese, and real butter!

Eat these in moderation and balance your diet with nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

You can enjoy avocado, coconut, and olive oil. Blueberries and strawberries. Green and yellow vegetables, and nutrient-rich yams.

You can even put gobs of real butter on your yams, for a perfectly healthy treat.

I make all of this easy for you in my guidebook, The Blood Pressure Solution. You can get a copy of my book, and I'll show you how in a moment. In my book, you’ll discover…

I’d also like you to receive another guide I’ve put together called 99 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure.

Plus, a guide to delicious recipes that may lower your blood pressure

And a guide to reading food labels, so when you shop for groceries you can easily avoid foods that cause inflammation and may raise your blood pressure.

Plus, a healthy eating cheat sheet that provides tips on what foods you can enjoy, and the ones best left behind.

When you follow these guidelines, day by day you may feel your blood pressure coming down and your energy level going up. I think you’ll soon see that you don’t need the drugs.

And speaking of drugs, let's look at the 3rd and 4th worst blood pressure drugs that may be dangerous. If you're taking these, you may want to make a change...

My #3 Worst Drug Category: Calcium Channel Blockers

These drugs are notorious for causing headaches, nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, and constipation.19

Studies also suggest a link between Calcium Channel Blockers and increased risk for heart attack, depression, and suicidal thoughts.20

Calcium Channel Blockers are also notorious for causing painful swelling in the ankles and wrists, making it hard to wear shoes and do simple tasks.21

That’s because “calcium channel blockers” lower blood pressure by dampening the electrical signals to your muscles.

Your blood vessels constrict less, so the pressure goes down… Right along with your motor skills. And then blood starts to pool around your ankles and wrists.

If you’ve been taking one of these calcium channel blockers – or a drug that includes it in its formula -- you may have already stopped taking it because of these harsh side effects.

But what did your doctor give you in its place? Another drug with more unwanted side effects? Maybe even…

My #4 Worst Drug Category: Diuretics

Diuretics can cause bad headaches, dizziness, muscle cramping, dehydration and impotence.22

They can also lead to mineral imbalances, joint disorders and gout.23

Here’s the problem…

A diuretic, or what’s called a “water pill,” flushes excess water and salt out of your system…

And while less water in your body means less pressure in your arteries, there’s a risk…

Diuretics also flush out vital nutrients, including electrolytes, which your body needs to keep your heart rhythm normal.

Do you really want to mess around with this natural process? I say, “Let’s fix the problem so you won’t need drugs.” Besides…

These natural foods may make drugs obsolete

Remember how Beta Blockers interfere with adrenaline to lower your heart rate and blood pressure?

It turns out that a key nutrient in fatty fish can naturally modulate adrenaline.

In fact, a study from The University of Pennsylvania24 found that taking this nutrient for just a few weeks lowered blood pressure.

This study confirmed earlier research25 that showed the nutrient
lowered heart rate, adrenaline, and also cortisol, the “stress hormone.”

And rather than popping a nutrient-depleting diuretic pill… Why not enjoy this refreshing tropical drink that acts as a natural diuretic but replenishes electrolytes and minerals?26

Calcium channel blockers tamper with your heart’s electrical circuits to release the tension in blood vessels …but you can accomplish the same thing by listening to a certain kind of relaxing music.* (Individual Results vary)

And finally, even though Ace Inhibitors and drugs like it force your blood vessels to dilate, there’s another way to relax your blood vessels is to eat a delicious food that has shown to do the job.

This simple food lowers high blood pressure*

Before this golden cake bakes, the batter is red from a key ingredient that helps lower blood pressure – up to 12 points. That’s as much as many antihypertensive drugs.27* (Individual results vary)

What is it? Beet juice. And here’s why it works…

This baking ingredient, which can also be a healthy beverage, is chock-full of a nutrient called nitrates. Don’t confuse that with unhealthy nitrites, which are chemicals used to cure processed meats

In your body, the nitrates are converted into a natural compound called Nitric Oxide.

Nitric oxide was named the “Miracle Molecule” after 3 scientists won the Nobel Prize for discovering that it relaxes blood vessels and lowers blood pressure.

That’s the reason our bodies make it. Unfortunately, our supply of Nitric Oxide slows to a trickle once we hit our forties.

But when we eat nitrate-rich foods like beets and leafy green vegetables, we replenish it, and that helps lower blood pressure. Here’s proof…

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study28 at Queen Mary University of London, participants who drank a glass of beet juice daily lowered their blood pressure an average of 12 total points.29

Sound good? My patients think so. And remember, these are just a few of the dozens of tips and techniques you’ll discover in my book, The Blood Pressure Solution.

I’ll show you how to get your very own copy in half a minute… but first I want you to know…

Together, we can fight and beat the “Silent Killer”

My Blood Pressure Solution is helping to defeat the “silent killer” every single day. Over 80,000 people have used it from all across the country…

Here’s what Betty H from Mims, Florida, says:

Great Results!*

I have not taken any B/P meds in a month now, and my B/P [went] from 154/80 down to 118/68 … I couldn't be happier! This is an easy program to follow… And great results!* (Individual results vary)

— Betty H. Mims, FL

And Mark B. from Corona, California who achieved startling results in just 2 weeks --

The program resulted in a miracle

My blood pressure was 162/86 and in 2 weeks I got it down to 130/80”* (Individual results vary)

— Joe W. Kansas City, MO

Now, please don't stop your medications or get into a fight with your doctor over this…

Very soon you can show your doctor great new numbers that you've achieved naturally. And then he or she may decide to reduce your medications, or even take you off the drugs entirely.

That’s what Karen C. from Aldershot, Australia discovered. Karen wrote to us from “down under” and said…

I have had a serious blood pressure drop!

My doctor just halved my blood pressure medication, and he may cancel it if I keep up the good work. I have had a serious blood pressure drop. * (Individual results vary)

— Karen C. Aldershot, Australia

Even medical professionals are discovering some things they never learned in school. Remember Jonathan Miller, who told you about his terrific success at the start of this presentation…

He has been a Registered Nurse for over three decades. And for the last 20 years, he was taking blood pressure medications. But since discovering The Blood Pressure Solution, he’s drug-free:

It’s a miracle!

This morning my blood pressure was 119/68 with a heart rate of 55. I had to stop taking my medications in a couple of days of starting the program, because my blood pressure was too low. I've never seen anything like this. It’s a miracle.* (Individual Results vary)

— Jonathan M. Dallas, TX

All of these folks have amazing success stories – and got results pretty fast, too, while at the same time some have reported shedding excess pounds…*

Remember Dan, the railway engineer? He not only saw his blood pressure fall to normal ranges, but Dan lost weight, too, losing 20 pounds without breaking a sweat …*

And Ed H. from Lynnwood, Washington says:

It's making a real difference in my life, and that of my family!

I've dropped from 210 [pounds] to 185, my blood pressure is now normal … and my energy level has gotten better as well as a more positive outlook … Thanks so much for your continued support. It's making a real difference in my life, and that of my family.* (Individual results vary)

— Ed H. Lynnwood, WA

The stunning success of Dan, Ed, and Jonathan… and also of Mark, Karen and Betty happened for just two reasons…

First, they discovered the underlying problem causing their high blood pressure*.

And second, they corrected that problem with The Blood Pressure Solution*.

No more diagnosed hypertension. No more drugs. No more awful side effects. It’s been freeing for them, and hopefully this can be your success story too.

Watch for the big Order Button at the bottom of your screen, just click on it and you can get your very own copy of The Blood Pressure Solution – and at zero risk. It’ll be so much fun to…

Surprise Your Doctor with New Low Numbers

Imagine what it will feel like to go relaxed and confident to your next doctor’s appointment…

…and watch the blood pressure cuff as it’s wrapped around your arm…

…unafraid of what the numbers will show.

You’re sure to smile when your doctor takes your pressure a second time, then asks, “What have you been doing to get such great numbers?”

Just like Angie M. from Walnut Creek, California, who told us…

It was so easy!.

My blood pressure was 180 till I read the book 3 weeksmy blood pressure was 118 to 120, and even my doc wanted to know what I was doing. * (Individual Results vary)

— Angie M. Walnut Creek, CA

Okay, But Will It Work For You?

I am confident it will, and for many people it will work pretty fast, too. Of course, individual results vary. Everybody is different…

But your body possesses the ability to heal itself… if you just give it the building blocks it needs for good health.

My education, training, and experience with thousands of patients has confirmed this natural healing principal.

Natural healing. That’s what The Blood Pressure Solution is all about…

Just doing the simple things your body wants, while stopping the things that are hurting it. This double action will help give your body the support it needs to self-correct the underlying problem that’s causing your hypertension, and then you’ll feel healthy and energetic again!* (Individual Results vary)

I’ve shown you some of these things today… and I’ve explained why you likely developed hypertension in the first place. Now, it’s time to get all the details and get started.

How to get The Blood Pressure Solution

Everything you need is in my book, The Blood Pressure Solution

It’s not just a collection of tips and techniques, but a synergistic system that is designed to help attack high blood pressure holistically, from many directions.

You’ll see that your blood pressure may come down, but at the same time you may lose excess weight, boost energy, slow the aging process, and prevent illness and disease* (Individual Results vary.)

And it’s easy to do. No strict diet, no tough exercises, no weird regimen. In fact, you’ll enjoy many foods you thought were taboo.

Plus… my help doesn’t end with the guidebook. You’ll also get website support, customer service support via telephone, and 5 FREE bonus reports designed to make implementing The Blood Pressure Solution easy.

I’m so confident that you will love my natural Blood Pressure Solution that I’ve backed it with a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. You get the results you want or your money back!

Ordinarily, The Blood Pressure Solution, with web and phone support and 5 FREE bonuses, plus a 100% money back guarantee, runs $150 -- a real bargain, considering the same program is several hundred dollars at my Wellness Center in Austin, Texas.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that…

I’m so impressed you’ve shown a commitment to your good health by listening to my presentation all the way through…

So I’m going to slash $100 off your price today. Which means you need only make a one-time remittance of $47!

Buy Blood Pressure Solution Risk-Free!

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You’ll have everything you need – the shopping list, the recipes, and step-by-step meal preparation instructions. And if you’d like to keep the meal plans coming in subsequent weeks, you can choose that option on your member’s page on the website.


“Cheat Sheet: Guidelines for Healthy Eating” valued at $9.99, but YOURS FREE today! Many people appreciate our blood-pressure lowering meal plans and recipes, but if you like to create your own mouth-watering recipes, you’ll love our Cheat Sheet.

It shows the optimal percentages of fat, protein, and carbs to consume each day, and you'll be delighted to learn the biggest portion is fat. We encourage you to enjoy fat with every meal, and to AVOID foods labeled “low fat,” as these usually have blood-pressure-raising ingredients.

You’ll also discover a simple formula for determining the right amount of protein for your body weight. Plus, which carbs you can eat to your heart’s content, and which ones should be limited.

You can have some whole-wheat bread, just put real butter on it. You can enjoy a few homemade cookies, just use half the sugar or Xylitol. You can eat pasta, just add olive oil and meat sauce. You’ll be surprised how many foods you thought were taboo that you can now enjoy.

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“99 Foods That Naturally Lower Blood Pressure”*, a guide valued at $24.99, but YOURS FREE today. All of these delicious foods help bring blood pressure down, so it’s a good idea to keep them handy in the fridge. That way, you won't be tempted into making unhealthy choices.

From artichokes to Brazil nuts… halibut to honeydew… prunes to rutabaga… watercress to watermelon, you’ll choose what you like from 99 foods that lower blood pressure. And all entries include details on why they work!

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“How To Read A Food Label,” valued at $14.99, but YOURS FREE today. This simple guide will show you how to spot the sneaky wording food manufacturers use to hide harmful ingredients, such as refined vegetable fats, sugars, salts, and chemicals – the very things that may cause heart disease and hypertension.

Some of the ingredients on food labels have strange names, and the longer the label the worse it generally is, but I’ll break these names down into plain English. You’ll know what’s safe, and what’s not. This makes your shopping safe and easy.

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“How To Monitor Your Blood Pressure At Home,” valued at $19.99, but YOURS FREE today. I don’t want you to be at the mercy of faulty readings from glitchy drug store machines … or worse, to get pegged for high blood pressure when you have harmless “white coat hypertension” at your doctor’s office.

Checking your blood pressure can be fun. That’s what Carolyn F. discovered. She used to be terrified of her blood pressure monitor – but now she says “I love it! It’s a game … I get to see how low I can get it [to be].”

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