Five Years of Creating Products and Transforming Lives


It all started with a board full of ideas and a simple book...

We started Primal Labs™ in 2012 to help solve a problem:

Despite all the advances in natural health research, most consumers were still being subjected to the old "medicate first, ask questions later" treatment model. In response, we aimed to create the highest-quality natural health solutions in the world, and make them available to the people who needed them most, directly from our website. We released our first product—a simple ebook—in February 2012.

And from those humble beginnings, Primal Labs™ was born.


…before we knew it, our vision took shape…

Eight years later, we've partnered with doctors across the country, published multiple best-selling books, and created a line of world-class supplements. Our team has grown from three to fifty-one (and counting). We've had to move three times in eight years as we keep outgrowing our space. Most recently, we were honored to be listed as one of the fastest growing private companies in America, coming in at #242 on the 2016 Inc. 500 list.

Although we are proud of these achievements, what excites us most is something a bit more personal.


…and down the road—we see that our evolution has no limits.

The way we see it, every time our products improves a customer's health, we have helped add months—in some cases years—to that person's life span. Taken on the individual level, that is incredible. But when multiplied across all of our 1,000,000 customers, the math becomes downright magical:

If each of our over 1,000,000 customers adds, on average, just one month to their lifespan as a result of using our products, then we've helped add over 1,000,000 months (which is 33,000 YEARS) of life in total. Our vision? To help add 1,000,000 years of life to the world.

Now THAT'S something to get excited about.